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  1. Interdictie
    Buna de la politie mio spus ca am interdictie de munca in austria dar acum astept un plic cu rezultatul final pentru ca am copilu aici ce e de facut multumesc
    de la Ionut (20-08-2018 00:01:12)
  2. Permis de conducere
    Am si eu o intrebare, pot sa ridic permisul de conducere din Austria? Am facut un accident in Romania si am primit suspendare 60 de zile pe motiv "Neacordare prioritate" si acum sunt in Austria si nu stiu daca pot sa iau permisul de la ambasada. Multumesc!
    de la Stoica Valentin (08-07-2018 12:31:46)
  3. Interdictie
    Doresc sa aflu cand mi se va termina interdictia in Austria.
    de la Popa Mihaela (05-02-2018 05:24:27)
  4. H.O. Master Cultural Diplomat, and Expert
    Dear High Officials, Honourable Ladies, and Gentlemen, please let me express in this letter, my interest to work at Your Embassy. As I am an official independent researcher female, born in the summer of 1979. And living with my old and retired parents, in contrast with my continuous official permission for, and possession of the national certificate of health. And also having, the supplementary certificates of detailed medical official eligibility that I’ve always had over the national card of health insurance, since 2003. Just like an always clean criminal record, too. What is more, I have many years of unpaid work experience in the governmental public administrations: only as a volunteering post-graduate student, an internship, an official Master student(2 years), and post-graduate independent researcher(never paid, for any from my official experience). In these circumstances, i have always been interested in policy, and international relations. Therefore, I have applied to work at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in many different years, since the end of my 1st university. Just like I did, in many other official institutions of top governmental administration in Bucharest that I have ended, with top official diplomas of study(except the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, Bucharest City Hall, and the National Museum of Arts, which never rewarded me for my results: in contrast with the top single grades I had here, after my compulsory repeated examinations, from the majority of years). And first, in all formal universities and governmental institutions of Romanian administration I have, listed in my Curriculum. In these circumstances, since 2004 I’ve started to be the single best graded one from all the competitors in the official examinations, in the majority from these institutions(only in those years when the laws of enrolment and fair competition were applied, and the video camera was compulsory, during the examinations: up to 2012, and in 2015). More over these, since 2010-2012 the most, I have begun to be rejected continuously from these contests, after the final examination: the interview. And all these, in opposition with all my official grades during the specific always official classes. And also, in contrast the content of the books within the mandatory bibliography for all the formal examinations, will always demonstrate my rightness. Therefore, I became obliged to continue my completely independent(individual) research that I have started, before my official enrolment in the Master programme, of 2 years. And I only did these, in the official form of registration, in different competitions: within many private firms, and also in the same top institutions, of the governmental administration(as they will always be, directly related to my official education). On this position, I familiarized myself with activities of your honorable Embassy, in my country. Like I have always been aware, of those in the national governmental, and the Romanian (top) public, administration, and the private businesses. In these circumstances, it would be a great opportunity to give me a chance to work at Your embassy, as a public officer. Of that rank you’ve always been free to select, in relation with my legalized honesty and professional uprightness, my work experience, and top post-graduated official education. All these, achieved by me personally, in top institutions of governmental administration(top official faculties within national universities, museums, ministries and other official institutions of highest rank, in Bucharest). Respectfully Yours, H.O.Certified by the E.C.Master, Cultural. and Expert Diplomat, making independent official research: miss Amy A.M.Neagoe, Bucharest AmyNeagoe
    de la Neagoe (15-11-2017 20:28:39)
    Official Independent Romanian Diplomat female
    Dear professionals, please be so kind, and let me express my interest to work in your institution as either a public officer, or a business professional. Or maybe, as a cultural and mass-media respondent, like you could read, in my Curriculum. In any from the detailed professions you officially advertise here, at your choice. Because you could help me start on immediately to work for you, in our common benefit, and advantages. In contrast with my little experience of contractual employment, I can offer you, my strong expertise. As an independent official(fully legal, and legalized) researcher. Like I have started to be, since the summer of 2012: in the international economic relations, governmental and business administration, and culture(E.U. Master, and national Cultural Diplomat, and Expert). In contrast with these, according to the national and E.U. laws, I have never been either married or engaged, in reality(officially) . And I am the proud owner of both the formal medical eligibility, and the possession for the national card of health insurance. And also, of the Romanian COMPULSORY legal, and legalized official papers: proving me clinically, psychiatrically, and physiologically healthy(with no handicap, disabilities, and illnesses which could make me unable to perform at least the normal common duties, according to the national laws for the registration in the legal employment since 1991 and 2003, on). What is more, as I’ve always had a constant clean criminal record and no criminal charges at all, and I’m a not-minority or an officially benefited person too, I also don’t have: any formal, or legal permission, for any sort of official assistance/insurance. For these, added to the changing Romanian policies with their badly applied or interpreted constitutional laws, and also because of my always independent, and single official(political, and administrative) status; I have never been either proposed, or elected to run on a full paid contract, in any from the official paid offered jobs for I competed, up to this moment(14 Nov. 2017). In consequence, I have always had to work hard with my mind , in constant legality and my young-adult top professionalism, to get a fair job. And for these, I had no other option, except registering and competing on officially in different jobs, with focus on these within the top governmental administration in the Capital of my country, according to my top official qualifications. Like I have also applied for numerous other private ones(many from them, identically repeated through the years, like the official ones), too. And it is has been legally proved it was me only, to be disadvantaged, and treated badly or illegally. Because I have been the single one from all former competitors, always: that who I’ve always been asked to meet in detail, all these officially detailed compulsory legal requirements for registration, and(or) fair legal competition . Within the top governmental(institutional) administration, of different sorts(governmental, culture and business). More over these, my communication skills are officially top certified by the European Commission in the professional supplement of my diploma of Master, in 2 distinct disciplines of the ‚International Economic Relations’: ‚Business Communications in English’, and ‚Diplomacy’; And I also have an international prize in art, and a professional diploma in ‚Journalism in the Business Law’, signed by the Liberal and former Minister of Justice , and the Faculty of Law, in 2011: in ‘Journalism, in Business Law’(E.U.) These, and the original letters of recommendation for me, personally: transferred to the Romanian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs in all previous years of my official competition, there, will always prove. My independently, and individually detailed qualities you may ask for any, from your offered jobs. In the end, as none from the private employers hasn’t ever paid for my short-time contractual legal jobs I had, between 2012 2014 and in the majority of all others before, too): I’ll be happy to work for you, through an official full legal contract signed by me, in person). In the hope you’ll start having practiced(financial, material and immaterial) consideration for my official, detailed statutes and certifications, knowledge and serious legal professionalism. Like those I’ve started to prove officially yearly, since 2003-2004: when I began my 1st post-graduated official studies, in complete health, and professional legal integrity. And I began to compete almost yearly, in all the official jobs within the official administration which were offered, transparently(either published in mass-media, or in front of the institutions). Only because my officially legalized health, and my independent strictly individual interest and legal rights of independent privacy or independent private status, in any from its official(fully legal) forms, will always give me rights. Like the freedom of not sharing any from the information or anything I have and I know, with anybody else(at my choice). Opposite to these, in this reality with my continuous experience with the corruption and fraud(stupidity, low-culture and unintellectual, or unethical illegal malice)within both the private businesses, and the top official administration, I stress down. Since I have ended my 1st post graduate studies(2004 and 2005), I proved to be the single winner of the best grades, in different official job competitions, within the Romanian governmental and top administration, in Bucharest(with focus, on the international economic relations, and culture). In contrast with my both official, and also private always individual and independent merits, I have never got in return up to this day of November, for these. By contractual ,official and financial individual means. For that, I must trust your legal and official contractual responsibilities, in registering me, through a full official, legal contract of employment. What is more, in addition to my experience and personal qualities, I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for international, and top business work, too(like you could read in my detailed personal professional competencies, fully accredited and certified officially, by the European Council). Please review my attached resume for additional details regarding my expertise and career achievements, Sincerely Yours, H.O.Certified by the E.C.Master, Cultural. and Expert Diplomat, making independent official research: miss Amy A.M.Neagoe, Bucharest
    de la miss Amy Neagoe (15-11-2017 20:34:26)
  5. Pensie copil minor
    Buna ziua, As dori sa stiu cui ma pot adresa sau ce trebuie sa fac pentru ca fiica mea minora sa beneficieze de pensia alimentara decenta - tata ei fiind cetatean austriac, locuieste in Austria (trecut pe certificatul ei de nastere), dar sustine c anu are venituri. Judecatoarea din Romania mi-a spus ca eu ar trebui sa aduc dovezi ca tatal copilului are venituri ca sa pot solicita o pensia alimentara decenta. In moment, dupa ce l-am dat in judecata, judecatoarea a decis ca el sa plateasca 200 ron pe luna, ceea ce mi se pare o batjocora. El nu se intereseaza de acest copil si totusi as vrea ca acest copil macar sa poata beneficia de pensia alimentara lunara decenta. Multumesc frumos.
    de la Teodora (09-11-2017 12:02:18)
  6. Intrebare
    Am aflat c? am interdic?ie in Austria.Dar problem? în acea c? eu n-am fost niciodat? în Austria!Cum pot rezolva problema?
    de la Sergiu (05-11-2017 19:37:06)
  7. Interdic?ie
    Bun? ziua, a? vrea s? ?tiu ?i eu dac? m? pot duce în austria s? muncesc ?i s? locuiesc cu familia dup? ce c? am fost arestat? în 2009-2010 pentru v?t?mare corporal? ?i am primit interdic?ie pentru 5 ani care au trecut. A? putea s? intru iar f?r? nici o problem? în austria?
    de la Corina (07-02-2017 15:12:14)
  8. interdictie austria
    Buna ziua am si eu o intrebare am o interdictie pe austria de 8 ani deja au trecut 2 ani de atunci se poate face ceva sau macar sa pot tranzita austria, doresc sa ma angajez pe tir ?
    de la cuturlui valentin (03-12-2016 18:46:56)
  9. furt
    Buna as dori sa stiu daca am ceva probleme cu legea in wiena acum cativa an am savarsit un furt din care mi sa dat o amenda pe care am platit doar o parte din ea vreau sa ma intorc in austria si vreau sa stiu daca mai pot nume andrei petru raul multumesc
    de la andrei petru raul (31-10-2016 00:52:58)
  10. Ob?inerea cet??eniei austriece
    Buna dragi prieteni, poate careva sa îmi spun? CIT dureaz? procesarea dosarului pt primirea cet??eniei austriece dup? ce l-a?i depus si de asemenea CIT dureaz? cel pt renun?area la cet??enia roman?? B?nuiesc ca renun?area la cet??enia roman? se face dup? ce a?i primit r?spuns pozitiv pt cet??enia austriaca?! Va mul?umesc anticipat
    de la Camelia (14-06-2016 21:02:42)
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