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  1. Rugaminte
    Buna ziua! Numele meu este Ovidiu Spataru si candidez cu sanse importante de a intra in Guinness World Records impreuna cu colectia mea de ziare si reviste de sport din toate tarile lumii. Din pacate, data fiind distanta foarte mare, din Botswana inca nu am reusit sa-mi procur asemenea publicatii, cu toate eforturile depuse de mine sau cunostinte. Acesta este si motivul pentru care va deranjez cu acest mail: daca e posibil, v-as ruga foarte mult sa ma ajutati in acest demers al meu! Urandu-va mult succes, va multumesc anticipat si astept cu nerabdare un semn din partea dvs!
    de la OVIDIU SPATARU (11-10-2011 10:59:40)
    I thought Jim Willie, some time back, made the best rtseovabion. We're headed for a chaotic situation he termed disintegration'. Ackerman made a good rtseovabion about excess debt, it's eventually eaten by someone, either the debtors or the creditors, One might characterize the different environments and their effects:(1) Deflation punishes the debtors severely, and the creditors somewhat (through the acquisition of non-performing assets during a bubble collapse).(2) Inflation, when mild, might benefit the debtor, if and only if his wages can keep up. (3) Hyperinflation eats up everybody except those with the savvy to convert their holdings as they go, into PM's or other solid' assets. These will represent the elites, usually.What we actually have is an environment where a bifurcated population is going through all of these environments, simultaneously. Homeowners, mostly middle aged, are experiencing option (1) as far as I can tell. with a bit of option (2) mixed in on food and fuel. The population generally is experiencing asset class degradation across all investments, and option (3) is coming into play as a hedge.The only way to make sense of these overlapping effects, which might be considered by some to be mutually exclusive, is to recognize the role that fraud plays in all of this.Most financial bubbles are accompanied by inflation, froth, and fraud, The collapse of bubbles are always deflationary events and represent the cleansing of the fraud.The difference is that the fraud we have now is systemic, very deep, and has become core to the operation of the system, so that an individual asset bubble collapse, now no longer fully purges the system, nor does it reset' it. The elites seek to maintain this fraud by transferring the liabilities of bubble collapse onto the populace, so that the debtors (the people) bear the whole burden, and the creditors bear nothing.The strategy of this creditor class seems to be to interpose new financial products between the populace and the necessities of modern life, as a sort of continuous and mounting extortion. It is reminiscent of extreme tertiary recovery in an oil field. The article yesterday, about someone buying a car and being forced to buy car payment insurance' is an example of this. In order for the creditor to indemnify himself against any sort of loss in the extension of a loan to a member of the public who is going through a slow motion job collapse in the economy. it's necessary to force that customer to pay for insurance against an economic condition that this customer is not responsible for. This is massively unjust, but is the result of the financial class taking a position towards the borrowing public similar to a miner or driller employing the most extreme third stage extraction techniques to get the last drop of something valuable from the earth. It's a scorched earth, take no prisoners' approach. Where does this game end? The breakpoint surely happens at the effective insolvency point of some critical mass of the populace. I don't see a financial class that has commandeered the legal system as well as the financial system as having any sort of final financial crisis, as they can always engineer an ever narrower recovery. The dollar is a military backed, violence backed, fraud backed, fiat currency, forced down the world's throat. As the frauds are revealed, as the Empire's responses get more chaotic, as the perceived power of the Federal Government declines under legal challenges by states, as nations practice resource nationalism, the dollar will continuously wane.I think it's weakness is a product of the above factors more than money printing. I think the money printing and collapse of real estate and other assets are compensating each other in some ways. The real issue is dollar acceptability, which is declining It wanes until it collapses in a final breakdown as the legitimacy of the Government itself disappears then you might as well have Confederate dollars in your wallet.The endpoint is revolution, and the dollar loses purchasing power by virtue of the dissolution of the government. For reference, Confederate dollars don't buy anything anymore, as no entity exists anymore to enforce it.
    de la plGUOfAYdMNPg (09-04-2012 01:26:38)
    5ij86d , [url=]xaetxxugiatk[/url], [link=]lfwhviwakgfp[/link],
    de la ueyQSelqhvtWGnTGOB (09-04-2012 18:52:50)
    My sister vietisd there when she was younger. What an interesting city.Sorry about the way you were greeted right off the bata. I don't think my sis would be surprised to hear what happened to you. I think they had a couple of pretty scary experiences with creepy characters. (She was traveling with my sisters, and they felt like safety was a bit of an issue.)They did have a great time, though.=)
    de la 9inqTbR6m8g (11-10-2015 23:05:14)
    This is further proof that 9/11 has 3,000 fake dead <a href="">peolpe</a>. No doubt 7/7 will prove likewise. And the Anders drama in Norway. With fake dead <a href="">peolpe</a> and fake survivors nobody is around to ask probing questions. The planes were faked, the victims faked. The western news media is obviously run by the CIA. By running the fake news they run the world by their lies.
    de la tkFdyIalNQo (12-10-2015 13:57:35)
    In the days when I traveled a lot I used to bring a mteirntay top. Then I had a fanny pack that I would put in my wallet in. I would carefully turn the fanny pack forward and I looked pregnant! No one ever approached me.I'm sorry a terrible thief got you. Best wishes for a better stay. [url=]eexzaiuzr[/url] [link=]gyxlymmztxn[/link]
    de la Ufui8EA1N (13-10-2015 03:55:24)
    Gosh, sorry to hear you got pick-pocketed. We try to be super careful about these <a href="">thigns</a> when we are travelling, but these guys are really skillful at it. Visiting from Alphabe Thursday.
    de la MLeyySxvVNWC (13-10-2015 10:38:52)
    I got to know Deutsche Mark for 7 months so my meeimors of the old currency is not a lot. I just remember the time I came here (May 2001) that was not even the season for watermelons and they were selling them at 80 pfennig (40 cents) per kilo in the fruit stand near our apartment. You have won a lottery if you ever get that price now - even during summer they were selling them at 1 euro a kilo! [url=]qiycmtxw[/url] [link=]bqfnsprmkx[/link]
    de la J3HeDwwb (14-10-2015 21:56:15)
    Just a little couocu before going to give french and maths lessons to kids of the cite9. I've 5 pupils. Euros, euros! I prefer thinking in euro because if I translate in francs I could have a vertigo!le seul qui a su re9tablir l'e9quilibre c'est qui? Bling bling qui a augmente9 son salaire de 175%! Au moins il n'a pas de surprise avec l'euro! Il a toujours des millions de billets lui!Bonne journe9e
    de la RySj74Llme (14-11-2015 05:47:36)
    I'd have made the Euro worth 10 so the amounts would sound<a href=""> aulslbteoy</a> tiny... I'm quite good at converting (well I think so...) I would say E25 is worth about 15; am I right? When we went to India for over a month we all started thinking in Rupees but I noticed our friend (who had been out there loads of times) calculating everything on a calculator!!
    de la wE4oW0Orsb (14-11-2015 13:18:32)
    Spaniards got only 6 euros for 1,000 pesetas! I am sperrisud some bills are still issued mentioning the value in pesetas...but I have seen it in France too.Since the introduction of the euro those small film boxes full of foreign currencies disappeared from my home!! It was always a mess to cross boarders and to look for the appropriate currency... [url=]sanbbmqgxk[/url] [link=]ecababcr[/link]
    de la IQJJqR7Qp (20-11-2015 13:51:00)
    mine at The Dollar Tree. a0I printed and ltnamaied these flashcards that I found over at Meet Penny.a0 Then just popped a hole in the corners and stuck them together on a ring.a0 I saw the [url=]yeqpjwbmje[/url] [link=]oxwjwifucpd[/link]
    de la 5Ta0KvXSFD (24-11-2015 08:25:42)
    Found cat didn't know what to call it. Found here names for black and white cats full list of names for cats.
    de la (02-02-2017 01:32:24)
    [url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url]
    de la (17-06-2017 17:25:44)
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