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  1. Rugaminte
    Buna ziua! Numele meu este Ovidiu Spataru si candidez cu sanse importante de a intra in Guinness World Records impreuna cu colectia mea de ziare si reviste de sport din toate tarile lumii. Din pacate, data fiind distanta foarte mare, din Eritreea inca nu am reusit sa-mi procur asemenea publicatii, cu toate eforturile depuse de mine sau cunostinte. Acesta este si motivul pentru care va deranjez cu acest mail: daca e posibil, v-as ruga foarte mult sa ma ajutati in acest demers al meu! Urandu-va mult succes, va multumesc anticipat si astept cu nerabdare un semn din partea dvs!
    de la OVIDIU SPATARU (11-10-2011 12:07:10)
    Mirdita zoti rama ne progranin e patris kemi dhe venjen para pergjesis te ter ata politikan qe kan vjdhur qe ckan vjedhur ti kthejn mbrapa dhe te marin denimin e merituar qofshin keta dhe te patris tone kurse ti fillove e te beje kopermis me hajdutin me te rezikshem dhe me kriminelin qe vrau bashk me diktatorin berisha 4 veta me 21 janar ky eshte ilir meta apo me shume tradhetar qe kan mar mandatin nga elektorati socjalist dhe e kan tradhetuar ske perse te besh bashkpuninm me te till njerz dhe sna duet ky bashkpunim me ta ne presim qe te vi ora dhe keta te purfundojn ne burge se atje e meritojn jn ne politik bashk me sali berishen ty ndoshta te intereson se bejesh kryeminister po popullin e rendon dhe e largon me keto bashkpunime qe bene me tradhetaret e vendit dhe me hajdutet si ilir meten me shok te faleminderit ne se me kupton .po pate mundsi me jep nje pergjigje
    de la u7nGzjORhy9 (14-11-2015 06:28:00)
    Deer Hill is accredited by the Association for Experiential Education, the same body that acdecrits NOLS. Much of our teaching, general approach to wilderness education, and risk management practices is similar to that of this industry leader. Many of our field leaders work for both Deer Hill and NOLS. Like NOLS, we run our programs with our own gear and guides, rather than subcontracting to different outfitters. This is becoming rare in the industry of teen adventure programs, but is an important distinction. Here are some of the main differences between Deer Hill and NOLS:- We offer cross-cultural service projects with Native American families and communities with whom we have friendship, shared history and common goals. This is one of the most special aspects of Deer Hill, and the experiences our participants have while at service are rare and transformative precisely because of this friendship, history and understanding of our shared goals. For 20 years, we have been pioneering this kind of teen community service, and it is quite unique.- Our program is definitely more focused on group togetherness, communication and personal growth than that of NOLS. Although all of our programs offer true wilderness experiences and significant challenges, we are primarily concerned with fun and friendship.- Based out of a beautiful Basecamp in Southwest Colorado, our programs have a very strong sense of community and place. Spending several days over the course of a program gives our participants an opportunity to be involved in expedition packing and preparation, as well as giving time to relax, swim in the pond, help in the garden, and enjoy really amazing home-cooked food. All of our participants will meet and spend time with the founders and owners, Doug and Beverly, and the people who put together their experience. Our alums tell us all the time that this is an exceptionally friendly and welcoming place, and that the Basecamp experience was an unexpected, but vitally important part of their trip.NOLS is a great organization, and they offer programs in a wider range of locations. However, the geographic diversity of our local area is unrivalled anywhere else on the planet, and our institutional knowledge of our programming zones is a key element in the feel and flow of our programs, as well as our excellent safety record.I hope this is helpful! [url=]oumtiidfm[/url] [link=]prucisftz[/link]
    de la DdcljFQp (20-11-2015 13:51:55)
    Very Impressive! The internal<a href=""> dloaigue</a> must have been difficult to listen to but you moved past your Flinch . (If you haven't read The Flinch yet, please do so. And, it is FREE!) I have to re-read it to get some of the points ingrained in my head as I make habitual flinching decisions. More leaders need to post what you posted about your realization of what choices do (micro-managing even when delegating) to the group. Thank you for your bravery to share your insights with us! ~Jim
    de la 8ziihr6mLGAC (22-11-2015 21:37:36)
    out the door with kiddos and pets and wenitr clothing and sleds. But one of the things I want to help my life coaching clients do is to create more fun in their own lives. I need to practice what I preach, right? And I knew from [url=]sszgjdjz[/url] [link=]vyowyh[/link]
    de la CZNxEPICiP (24-11-2015 08:26:55)
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